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Crime data is provided in map format for the, “seven major NYS Penal Law felonies” (Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery, Felonious Assault, Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny Motor Vehicle.

Attempted crimes are recorded as that crime with the exception of Attempted Murder which is recorded as a Felonious Assault. A crime map can be presented cumulatively year to date, previous year cumulative and by any specific month in either period. The opening and default map views are of the most recent full month count of all seven major crimes.

New York Police Department Radio Listen live to all dispatches for Bronx 43-45 Precinct - New York City, New York -


120, 825 Residents

0.9352 Crimes per 1000 Residents

1 Rape

16 Robberies

12 Felony Assaults

21 Burglaries

49 Grand Larcenies

14 Grand Larcenies of Motor Vehicles

Meanwhile, six people shot in five separate incidents across city

Contact Precinct: (718) 822-5411
Community Affairs: (718) 822-5449 /
Crime Prevention: (718) 822-5487
Domestic Violence: (718) 822-5294
Youth Officer: (718) 822-5408
Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 822-5400
Detective Squad: (718) 822-5414

Community council meets the first Thursday of every month at the 45th Precinct, 2877 Barkley Avenue at 7:30 P.M. All are invited to attend.