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Hundreds of pigeons have mysteriously disappeared from NYC's Washington Square Park. Dozens have apparently been reported and lured with bird seeds, scooped up by a net, then loaded into a white van. The NYPD Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad is apparently investigating this case of the missing birds.

Pigeon trapping on private, commercial or public property without a permit is illegal in New York City, however the city does not accept complaints about netting, "the use of nets to collect large amounts of pigeons," according to

The City accepts reports of unsanitary conditions caused by pigeons, including odor and excessive droppings on:

Window ledges
Exteriors of commercial and residential properties
The City does not accept complaints about pigeon droppings from:

Street lamps
Telephone or utility poles
Transportation facilities
Public parks
It is not illegal to feed pigeons, but you may receive a violation for failing to clean up unsanitary conditions that result from this activity.

The City requires property owners to clean up unsanitary pigeon conditions on or originating from their property. However, one must provide the name and full address of the property owner for NYC to take action.…