Submitted by ub on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 21:43

NYC is the world’s most wasteful mega-city. Besides being a consumerist utopia where people buy, and throw away, a staggering amount of stuff, it is also a densely populated, steadily aging city.

Faucets, toilets, or pipes, are constantly leaking. An armada of commerce-beckoning lights are always on and a fleet of gas-guzzling cars still clog our crosstown traffic and city roadways.

Nearly twenty million New Yorkers use more energy, suck down more water, and spew out more solid waste than any other mega-metropolitan area on earth.

NYC pumps out over 33 million tons of waste a year. The closest offender is DF, aka Mexico City, which generates a comparatively quaint 12 million tons of trash, followed by Tokyo, with a dozen million more potentially garbage-generating citizens. All we can say is.... Holy Crap!

Graphics: Kennedy PINAS