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The NYPD have always been New York’s finest. The police should be doing all they can to get us past a tragedy, maintain order amongst protestors and help the city get past the COVID19 pandemic.

As calls for defunding and reforming police departments have grown, NYC has seen a 24 percent increase in yearly homicides.

There appears to be a belief among cops, and those who defend their conduct, that police culture is built on a code that rewards the exercise of dominance over suspects during arrests.

Meanwhile, the New York governor and the New York City Council have pushed forward policies to criminalize the use of chokeholds by NYPD police officers. New Yorkers have protested injustice and racism, demanded a ban on no-knock warrants, and called for a national police registry.

Now, the largest Public Safety Department in the nation has appointed Chief Jeff Maddrey to head Community Affairs.

@NYPDnews Police Commissioner Shea announces more #NYPD improvements. 

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Police Commissioner Dermot Shea made an announcement Wednesday on more changes that are being made within the NYPD Wednesday.