Submitted by ub on Thu, 04/12/2012 - 19:15

Call it City Island's cop of V along with A thru Z for NYPD.

After a series of delays, a plan was announced today to bring an additional 15 video cameras to City Island, but these are high tech military surveillance units that are recording our every move. Their high definition video detail is said to be so sharp that it can record the numbers on any vehicle license plate.

Although this small island is technically part of New York City, most would agree that the look and feel of the 1.5 mile long and .5 mile wide Bronx enclave, located along the shores of Long Island Sound is more like a small New England fishing village, with crime statistics among the lowest in NYC.

So why spend over one hundred thousand taxpayers dollars to monitor everyone's activities for up to 90 days at a time, by using 3.1 megapixel high definition cameras recorded from undisclosed locations? The official answer is that " City Island is a tourist attraction and this is the best way to keep the community safe... because cameras have a chilling effect." You may wish to suggest your own opinion below, since this site offers open journalism, allowing everyone to become involved.

Meanwhile, the upstate NY resident who said his name is Nick Sayano, but would did not give us his business card although we asked multiple times, says his was not the lowest bid that won the $100+K contract for the sale and installation of these military type cameras, which cost as much as $2K each. He did tell us that members of his family have been long time friends of New York State Senator Jeff Klein for quite a few years.

In the better late than never department, Senator Klein showed up one and a half hours late for the previously scheduled 12:30PM news conference. The announcement, which took only a few minutes after years of failed attempts was held near the City Island Bridge. Besides City Island Images, News 12 The Bronx, the organization, which I founded, The NY Daily News and The Bronx Times Reporter all felt it was important enough to send reporters to cover this hyper local media event.

Skip Giacco and City Island Chamber of Commerce toppers sent an e-mail asking all members to please, please, please attend to support this long awaited announcement. However, only a relatively small group of concerned local citizens showed up and some left early after deciding not to wait it out. Klein only explained today's long delay.…