Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/06/2011 - 19:53

Since it started on September 17th, there have been arrests, the use of pepper spray by police, but the national and international demonstrations continue, as Occupy Wall Street activists keep growing in numbers and their chants are heard louder. Wall Street ways must STOP NOW!

These appear to be folks from different walks of life, who are also frustrated protesters speaking out against many wrongs. Economic inequality, corrupt government, greed, student debt, along with the obvious benefit of being at the media center of the universe, which is right here in New York City.

They are propelled by a media-savvy strategy of leveraging police efforts to remove them into camera-ready images for the news. If they are as successful as their predecessors, America will be transformed.

Occupy Wall Street has captured the spirit of our time, as thousands of people from around the globe watch a Cinéma Vérité Internet live stream. This time around the whole world is really and truly watching!