Submitted by ub on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 11:30

What is the first thought which comes up when we hear the phrase “Civic Participation”? Do you suddenly think of long lines at the polls to vote or waiting for long local government meetings to end?

Luckily, technology has completely changed the dynamics of the conversation. Anyone can send a message to the President their Senators, or US Representative with a few clicks. But, what has this done for how citizens talk to the government to improve their life experiences?‪

Civic engagement platforms where citizens co-create their city through collaborative decision making. These platforms facilitate two-way communication between a community and its citizens. Citizens can post ideas, discuss them with each other, and upvote the best ideas. To consult the opinion of its citizens via polling or to ask their creative solutions to an existing problem. Rather than a solution dedicated to one city or country, these platforms can be launched in any village, town, city, county, state, or Nationally.

#WeThePeople is government by the people who won't allow @POTUS to move Election Day. Reach out to @SpeakerPelosi @TheDemocrats @SenSchumer as well as @senatemajldr @GOP @GOPLeader and tell them to follow the US Constitution and serve all American citizens https://deargovernment.info ‬

We need a forum For all Americans to Freely express the best ideas for our US Congressional Representatives to consider and turn into legislation. I offer my website and will donate it for this cause. OhOh.biz Our Opinions matters and should be counted on. https://ohoh.biz/