Old Faithful Friend

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The World Wide Web bids finally bid farewell to The Old City Island Bridge Goodbye, Ciao, in many languages including the language of Maya: K'a'ak'ate.

These are terms of endearing phrases used when parting from old friends. Please know that in some languages those leaving and staying each use different phrases.

The English word goodbye comes from the Old English God þē mid sīe, which means "God be with you" And so it goes...

The City Island Bridge is a bridge is connecting City Island, The Bronx with Rodman's Neck on the mainland. It is in the process of being demolished, due to its deteriorated condition. It opened for traffic on July 4, 1901. The bridge is of stone and steel construction and spans 950 ft.

Construction began in 1899 and completed in 1901, at a cost of $200,000.[3] It consists of five fixed spans and a central swing section which was converted to a fixed span in 1963. Currently, vehicular and pedestrian traffic is being routed over a temporary steel bridge to the south as the original 1901 bridge is being taken down in pieces.

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Photo: Ron Terner