Open Says We

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It’s We The People who must demand that Trump open up the federal government, which he was happy to take the blame for shutting down over a wall. He told #USA taxpayers Mexico would pay for, but the funds have never materialized.

Should stunts and impulsive messages from the president count as formal policy actions? What's going on here?
Everyone supports border security, but the majority of Americans don’t support wasting money on his ridiculous wall.

The president denied the House speaker a military aircraft to visit US troops abroad after Pelosi sought to postpone a State of the Union address.

The US House Speaker was scheduled to visit the troops, but another Trump temper tantrum interfered with the plans. However,
Trump and GOP representatives have traveled to Iraq during the shutdown, including a Republican congressional delegation led by Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y.

The First Lady reportedly flew to Florida on Thursday for a weekend vacation inside a government plane, just after POTUS prevented US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from using another government plane to visit troops in Afghanistan.

With a new report that #Trump allegedly directed Michael Cohen to lie to #Congress concerning his business plans in Russia, are #WeThePeople getting any closer to the point where the overwhelming evidence demands impeachment proceedings?


POTUS public relations ploy has to end the government shutdown approaching its fifth week. Tell The White House enough is enough and We The People have had it up to our keesters. We’re mad as hell and won’t allow anyone to destroy the US.

Just Do It - Write, now -

POTUS critics have emerged from within the GOP including officials and observers who supported his policies are appalled by pronouncements, and those with experience are alarmed by how Trump is governing. Why is #Trump keeping the government shut down leaving 42,000 military without paychecks for the first time in history?

Trump, Pelosi feud heats up again

McConnell's maneuvers take the backseat to Trump in shutdown