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I've made predictions in the past and have also been wrong many times before, but that has never stopped me. So I will say my peace and although I thought La La Land would win for best picture, I was wrong. I also truly enjoyed Missing numbers, the real stories of black women, Moonlight, and Fences, but my money was on La La Land. But again, I was mistaken and this is probably the reason why I have little money to speak of.

Once again, I was wrong, and Moonlight won after a huge screwup. And tonight's finale mess proved my point because the wrong winner was announced.

Wondering just what happened last night at the #Oscars? Here's what went down:

PwC issues 'sincere apology' for Oscars best picture envelope blunder…

However, La La Land was a frontrunner for a reason. With a record-equalling 14 nominations, this may wind up waltzing off with Oscar. This classic yet contemporary has a feel unlike any other modern movie, not to mention that it feels so right. And it's about the agony and ecstasy of making it in Hollywood. What could be more Oscar-friendly?

Also, it was about fifty years ago when our nation was in this much of a mess on Oscar night.…

We need a feel good film now more than ever before.

2017 Oscars: Nominations For Documentary Category Upends Genre

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As I educate my journalism college students, I make it a point to explain that journalists should always keep our biases in check. There is a very big difference between news and views.

On the other hand, our patriotism should always be allowed to run free.

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Should #Oscars Get Political?

YES, Yes, yes!