Our City Island Wedding

Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 09:37

While couples around the world are splitting up in record numbers, Yirong and I are delighted to have finally tied that proverbial knot. And with our Lord's blessings and your support, we'll live, laugh and love together forever.

We are now Mr. Roberto Soto and Mrs. Yirong Soto and we would appreciate your personal support and respectfully request your very best advise on keeping our perpetual flame full of realizations, romance, rainbows and respect.

Planning our wedding was a bit hectic, but your presence was a truly a special present.

We will help one another financially and always be proud of our accomplishments. We will encourage each other and never lie to or cheat on the other. We will be supportive of most decisions, and seek reconsideration for others. We will never disrespect each other and love one another forever.

After being together for nearly a decade, we can honestly say that there was no need for us to rush, you just cant hurry love, everything happens for a reason and we thank God for having each in our lives for being best friends and confidants, for having a loving family and good friends who are here to support us. Our permanent partnership of two brings out the best in each other by being better together as one.

We offer our hearts that will not harden, our tempers that will not tire and touch that will never hurt.

We'll try to be the type of spouse that our partner can’t help but brag about to all friends, family and the entire universe... Coming up is our honeymoon with a whole lot of Love...

In our holy union forever and ever AMEN!

-Yirong Soto and Roberto Soto

Please, eandid photos of our 8/10 wedding, selected and shot by Bruce Bernstein.

There will be additional photos and videos posted as soon as we receive them. Please email them to us if you wish to share them with thousands of visitors to City Island Images.