Our Shining Stars

Submitted by ub on Sun, 06/19/2016 - 08:15

I think that parents should comment on a daughters weight. NO FAT CHICKS! Daddy's gotta find her a husband and dosnt want her sittin on da couch eatin bon bons if you know what i mean. My sister LaToya was big as a house. daddy and momma set her straight now shes sleeping with a big name rapper and his wife aint the wiser.

For everyone whose parents have passed away like mine have, may your good memories always stay with you every Father's Day, as well as Mothers Day because every day is Parents Day!!!

When our parents die... We lose our umbrella against bad weather.

When our parents die... They take our childhood with them.

When our parents die... We become orphans forever.

When your father and mother die, if you weren't there at their side with them, as I, unfortunately, was not, you will carry that knowledge forever like a permanent hole in your heart. You will get used to it, but you'll always feel it's there.

While missing your parents you will think of all the things you meant to say to them, to ask them, things you may have said and asked a million times but you'll want to say and ask them just once more.

When our parents die, you start noticing how much you're like them. It's how we keep them within us.

I will always miss my Papi, Antonio J Soto II and mi mama Margarita.