Over, under and out?

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I was just in the city a few months ago. I even took the subway, there weren't any suspicious characters that I saw. I was a straphangers for the day, those muthas sure take off out of the station. Two pretty young girls fell into me. Then I was sittin on the chair there and there was a pretty girl standing in fron of me, she had a nose ring and a short skirt even in December. There was a peculiar man with mirrors on his shoes who insisted on sticking his foot in between her legs for some reason. And no slashers, i had no problem man! You dig?

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Happy to learn you came and left unscathed. So far, ditto here!

New York City appears to be crumbling right from under our feet, according to some. Many are expressing their disappointment with the subway system, while others are increasingly concerned with the level of violence underground and on the streets.

I have lived and worked in NYC for decades and the situation appears to be getting more serious by the day, and night. The only way the situation is going to improve is wehn New Yorke residents realize its up to US.

NYC’s streets run red after 23 ‘random’ slashing in 5 months…

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Frank Sinatra - New York, New York.