Panama Papers

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Six years ago, US government officials created a weapon to uncover money in offshore accounts. Under FATCA-T Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, foreign financial institutions are required to report U.S. clients they suspect of trying to conceal assets, but do they?

How a US president and JP Morgan made Panama: and turned it into a tax haven

For U.S. tax cheats, Panama Papers reveal a perilous new world

How the Panama Papers traveled from encrypted drives to Amazon's cloud

It's amazing what America could do with the money the rich hide overseas

How the cryptic message "Interested in data?" led to the Panama Papers

The Panama Papers prove Mr. Sanders was wrong about a trade pact with Panama

So far, there aren’t many Americans in #PanamaPapers. But why set up an LLC in Panama when you've got Delaware?…

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Is Putin the real mastermind behind the #PanamaPapers? Clifford Gaddy might convince you: