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This Monday, city officials in Paris plan to start removing the so-called 'love locks'. For years, lovers have attached locks to the metal grilles on the side of the Pont des Arts,a practice which dates to 1804.

These love locks will be replaced by paintings over the summer, before transparent panels are put in place later this year. "We want Paris to remain the capital of love and romance," said Bruno Julliard, Paris' deputy mayor, adding that there would be new initiatives encouraging people to express their love in other ways.

Paris officials tries to get folks to remove their locks last year, but their efforts were not successful. City council members described " two big problems: significant damage to our heritage, and a risk to visitors' security".

Venice has struggled to deter tourists from attaching locks to the Rialto bridge, and here in The Big Apple, New York, locksmiths launched a campaign to remove locks from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Paris will permanently remove all the love locks on Pont des Arts bridge…

Paris BANS love locks from its bridges (and is removing all existing ones)…

Romance is dead: Paris bans love locks from iconic bridge

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