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NYPD has announced their Park, Walk and Talk initiative for 2015. The Park, Walk and Talk initiative is designed to allow Officers time to walk designated neighborhoods in the city and make contact with the residents.

The goals are to better acquaint officers with residents, address concerns and answer questions. The neighborhoods the initiative will occur in, will rotate throughout the year.

New York City police officials provided the first in-depth look at a new policing strategy they say will put more beat cops in neighborhood precincts to improve the relationship between officers and the communities they serve. Some NYPD veterans CITY IMAGES spoke with are skeptical about the value of this old fashioned practice.

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said the neighborhood policing plan would use staffing changes and other tactics to restore faith in a department that, in an era of historically low crime, still struggles to boost the morale of its own officers and gain the trust of mostly minority residents in the city's toughest neighborhoods.

Using criminal asset forfeiture funds secured by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office through recent sanctions cases, the $160 million NYPD Mobility Initiative will provide NYPD officers with up to 41,000 mobile devices, including tablet computers and handheld devices that will streamline law enforcement efforts, increase the safety of New Yorkers as well as police officers, and ensure fairness within the City’s criminal justice system.

However, America's Mayor says he is not impressed with diBlasio as NYC Mayor.
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