Parker Charley Yusta Soto

Submitted by ub on Wed, 11/30/2011 - 04:48

May God bless my very first grandson and my beautiful daughter Natasha Elena, who did all the work by giving birth to a healthy Parker Charley Yusta. NE and PC are both doing fine and resting comfortably. Thanks also to my son in law, Charlie Yusta, who is an excellent dad, and to Elena, Chloe and Sophia, who will be guiding and protecting older siblings.

Please know that I am an extremely grateful and "Proud Grandpa".

Who knows, perhaps he will also become a big jazz star, like the Yardbird, Charlie Parker. Charles "Yardbird" Parker was a brilliant saxophonist who gained global recognition for his stupendous solos and innovative improvisations. He was one of the most influential and talented musicians in the history of jazz.