Submitted by ub on Wed, 06/22/2016 - 09:57

If you are like me a go out for a leisurely walk, or drive and leave your smartphone behind, you will notice the following...

You haven’t spoken in days. You probably texted thousands of words across dozens of online conversations with friends, family and coworkers. Have spoken out loud once, just to say hello, good morning to those deserving kindness?

It is summer now. You miss a lot while making unblinking eye contact with the front-facing camera on your iPhone. For example, there are birds chirping, butterflies floating and the leaves on the trees now. You may not have noticed the change in your ambiance.

You have internal thoughts. With no compelling tweets to keep me entertained on the five-minute walk, we are forced to reckon with our own internal dialogue.

We have no idea where we are. We think we may be headed in the general direction, but we can't be sure. Our data usage goes toward Google Maps navigation so that we never have to memorize a street name again.

We haven’t read words printed on paper. While standing in line for to pay, er stare blankly at the rack of tabloid magazines, and realize that we have not held a piece of paper since picking up a smartphone. If it isn’t backlit by a blue light screen, we haven’t read it. What does that say for our eyesight?…