Partners Need Love

Submitted by ub on Mon, 06/12/2017 - 05:45

Do you find yourself wrapped up in your career, school, or taking care of the kids? You’ve stretched yourself too far and now you cannot extend yourself further. You're trying to spread your time everywhere but your relationship. Ask yourself are you neglecting your partner? Has your relationship taken a backseat? Have you felt the cold shoulder?

Your Partner is Not A Priority. Do you ignore phone calls or text messages because you're just too occupied? Have you made important decisions without consulting your partner?

Not Enough Time Together. Has your significant other complained that you're never available? They feel like they don't see you or get to spend time with you. Maybe it seems like you never kiss or show your love. You haven’t spent alone time together in forever. You haven’t been on a date in a long time or even had time to talk.

Too Short Lived. Because you have schedules to keep, conversations are short and to the point, meals are nonexistent, the thrill is gone and your passion is down the drain. You haven’t had the time to take things slow or to enjoy the moment. If you cannot remember the last time you guys spent more than two consecutive hours together that is a warning sign.

You Live Separate Lives. Your busy schedule does not allow the time to catch up. You've become wrapped up in your own problems that you did not even know that your spouse has a problem or is sick. You eat at different times because you cannot seem to merge your schedules.

You've Unplugged. Do you feel like the connection you once had is completely gone? Things you used to do together have stopped. You barely communicate with one another. Do you feel like you have outgrown the person you once were and got left behind in the process?