PEACE... Please?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 06/06/2020 - 15:08
And so it goes...

The whole world is watching and We The People know this is a human rights as well as a civil right issue. Americans must prove to all nations that although many conservative Republicans branded protesters clashing with police after George Floyd’s death as radical-left thugs, and liberal Democrats blamed far-right fascists, most of the arrests are locals and very few affiliated with an organized group. Not only here, but most demonstrations against police brutality are peaceful everywhere. We must demand justice with law and order.

However, US Justice Department officials have reportedly taken the lead on disrupting protests in a controversial move. A senior law enforcement official says it is a political ploy to make protesting look like terrorism. But remember, the evolution is being streamed and the whole world is watching. Demonstrators are exposing themselves to COVID19 but the time for thoughts and prayers is over and racial justice, equality, and immediate action are demanded.

We do wish to share with everyone everywhere and starting here on City Island, A Slice of NYC Paradise, and our headquarters, our heartbreaking pain, an outrage, and exasperation at witnessing the impacts of injustice, racism, discrimination, and subconscious biases in our society. However, following a planned demonstration, things appeared to be peaceful.

We can stand in unity with our Black, Latino, Asian, Moslems communities worldwide, and all people to condemn racist behaviors and the system that creates or shows indifference to any us.

As the creator and former station manager of Cable News TV-12 The Bronx, which plays a leading role in providing the latest 24/7 local information content, I always take seriously the responsibility to provide inclusion and equity in a quest to build a multicultural society because change must occur at all levels, not just for the sake of our democracy, and our humanity.

I am grateful for the opportunity to launch not only News 12 but AP TV and our most recent online spaces that are serving the public at large, regardless of race, background, income, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability. Our vetted and updated 24/7 digital news content that's fit to download is to connect us as humans on our shared planet. 

We welcome everyone with open arms to witness and experience its infinite beauty, peaceful serenity, and magical wonder that vetted and reliable information can provide, through shared experiences and common values, the importance of caring for our friends and neighbors. to ensure that our society thrives.

The work preserving our character as the beacon of liberty, and visage of democracy, as well as connecting people, gives people a place for introspection and an opportunity to renew hope.

We invite you to visit some of our platforms to reflect on the changes that we, as individuals, can spark within ourselves, our families, and among our friends, as well as within our communities, to bring much needed positive change and healing.