Pitty and Denial

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/11/2018 - 10:53

The whole world is watching as one claims to be the most bullied people on earth while the other jurist denies everything and thinks he can do no wrong. Americans should stop believing The White House, @GOP and their right-wing spin machine.

What if there was a political rally held, but nobody covered it? Who keeps refusing to do their jobs? While a historically powerful hurricane ravages the gulf coast, instead of attending to the millions of Americans who are suffering, @POTUS attended a $250,000 fundraiser before holding a camp pain rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

While Trump entertained top donors and threw disingenuous lines to a hungry base, the scenes from Florida could not be more catastrophic.

We The People are wondering when he'll manage to find some time to look into the real causes of how thousands of Americans have died and the hundreds of thousands who have suffered as a result of hurricanes on Trump's climate change denial watch.

Russia poisons people, China creates a massive Uighur gulag, Saudi Arabia takes out a journalist who was living in #USA. None seems to fear serious consequences from POTIUS, as our world becomes a darker and a more dangerous place to live.
There are other issues, like Americans tortured by North Korea, the meddling into past and future elections, and the systematic way his best people keep leaving the federal government, also while the stock market is tanking and our nation keeps sinking into debt, all he does is deny, and lie to the US.

The importance of a free press and its role in holding governments to account is what We The People, who must continue to be democracy loving Americans, should never take it for granted.

Here are just a few pressing questions to ask ourselves. While Americans are suffering who held a rally but had little coverage on most channels, including Fox News? That's been the recent trend, and it has some in the White House worried, but he keeps mentioning Lou, Sean, Laura, and Tucker while dreaming of Jeannie and rooting for his home team, which may be turning in him.

Trump, no longer rating gold, loses his prime-time spot on Fox News

@FLOTUS Melania Trump says she's one of the most bullied people in the world…

Is this all America gets?