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We doubt that the organization ever planned for this scenario. Lawmakers are currently seeking to cut all federal funding, $500 million a year, that Planned Parenthood receives and redirect that money to other providers of women's health. A series of videos shot incognito have out the organization between a rock and a hard place.

Planned Parenthood reports second website hack in a week via @Reuters

CNN: Anti-abortion group releases fourth Planned Parenthood video

Planned Parenthood sites hacked for second time this week via @AJAM

Damage control, indeed: Democrats don’t have a response to Planned Parenthood videos - Hot Air…

Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos of Calif. company officials |

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ABC's @WNTonight Dodges 4th @PPFA Video as @CBSEveningNews, @NBCNightlyNews Run Defense for @PPFA