Political Crock Pot?

Submitted by Admin on Tue, 02/24/2015 - 10:42

New Jersey Governor Christie has new political pressures on his back, which could make him lose weight, sleep, or perhaps the opportunity to run for president over the next few months.

He previously boasted from his bully pulpit that bipartisan reforms in NJ would save New Jersey’s pension system from bankruptcy. However, a judge has ruled that the good governor violated the law. Superior Court Judge MC Jacobson has dealt a stinging rebuke of Christie’s smooth moves, and empty promises which reneged on the landmark deasl he once bragged about.

The court claims Christie wilted under the heat of crisis by taking the easy way out and using $1.6 billion to repair a pothole in the state budget. And in doing so, Christie's crap shoot may have sent things spiraling back on the path to insolvency.

In comparison, Detroit’s pension systems for its employees is in better health than New Jersey’s pension because Detroit at least continued its contributions despite being faced with bankruptcy,

Christie is learning that brains, not brawn are the main ingredients to proceed in politics. Only those who are in tip top shape to run earn a victory lap at the end of the race.

Photo: AP