Submitted by ub on Sat, 09/06/2014 - 13:13

Why do most politicians wind up following these steps towards Political Inaction Committees?

They get elected to gain power and influence, then fall in lust with fame and fortune.

They beat their chests, or slap their own backs to celebrate attainment of power.

They are urged to consider using their power to enact positive change.

They worry that this change might make them look bad politically.

They then decide to play it safe and change nothing.

They get re-elected to keep power they wont use.

It's like Superman, who notices a stalled busload of children stuck on the railroad tracks, but decides to keep flying and not risk losing votes from Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen union.

Too many members of what we like to call "Political Inaction Committees" are spending our tax dollars to make themselves look better and thereby get re-elected. This political paralysis affects everyone from the President, Governors, Senators, Congressional Representatives, State, county, and municipal public servants.

City Island Images feels it's about time that we the people put a stop to this cycle of madness and vote out these do nothing incumbents, then hold the new one accountable for their actions, or lack thereof...etc.