Submitted by ub on Sun, 08/21/2016 - 12:25

Can you recall a more polarizing, divisive and talked-about American political camp pain in recent history?

TRUMPENCE vs CLINTONKAINE. These two opposite teams are involved in a race, which is not really about issues, but appears to be about who can be the biggest and most believable liar. However, the powerplay may be fizzling out and the game may be over for Trump, as well as many other Republicans, who are up for elections.

Hillary Clinton was first lady, US Senator, Secretary of State and could be the first major political candidate since James Monroe, who by the way ran unopposed in 1820 that could literally spend the rest of the year on vacation and still wind up winning this presidential election and beating Donald Trump. There are 78 days left folks. and many are wavering on the Republican candidate.

Hillary Clinton may likely be elected president on November 8 and probably by a YUGE margin. Clinton Kaine has the big bucks, while Trump Pence claim they have lots of money and support, but the proof is in the pudding.

Trump is the son of a wealthy builder, who has been sued for racial bias by the US government and his company is all about himself, does not take well to losing and when he does, he resorts to acting like a twelve-year-old by making bizarre comments. He and his cronies then attack anyone who speaks out against him, just like the local bully we never liked. His third camp pain manager, CEO and political ego appear to show that he does not know how to hire the best people and recently published reports point to Trump properties owing hundreds of millions of US dollars. If he was as rich as he claims, why would he be owing that large sum of mobey?

US voters are about to see the first landslide of those casting a ballot for the best of two evils. The American people will be choosing a president they don’t want.

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I came to check cimages today and I see and ad for Donald Trump on the side of the site. Did I miss the announcement that this organization is endorsing President Trump? Is he paying you for this ad? Its good to see you guys are starting to make money in advertising and if Cimages thinks he would make a good president, he's got my vote!