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This witch-hunt comes just in time for a Hillary Halloween scare... Boo Brouhaha!

Exactly, they may have a good reason for investigating her, but they dont have to tell anybody. What difference does it make if the FBI thinks a candidate did something illegal, they should have special privileges. This can only sway voter opinion and the voters should be kept as ignorant as possible.

And I still don't think the FBI has to be sticking their nose in Mr. Weiner's romance. It was just a lovers spat.

A three-paragraph vague letter released by the Republican FBI Director and sent to GOP leaders, and copied to Democrat lawmakers has raised unprecedented questions about information which have been thoroughly reviewed by investigators.

The FBI has had this laptop for around a month, but waited to make the announcement now? Why has Clinton's closest personal aide come under intense criticism over e-mails that have reportedly been reviewed?

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