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Actor Ronald Reagan was elected US President, as well as fellow thespian Arnold Schwarzenegger and celebrity wrestler Jessee Ventura Governors of California and Minnesota, respectively.

The parade of celebrity political pundits dates back to Charles Lindbergh, who used to pal around with Hermann Göring back in the 1930's. Jane Fonda once inspected North Vietnamese gun placements during the war in the 60's. And others may want to trace the history of celebrity advocacy back as far as John Wilkes Booth, who shot Abraham Lincoln.

Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford promoted war bonds in the early 1900 and years later, Al Jolson was campaigning for Warren G. Harding. Then there was Humphrey Bogart and about fifty other stars opposed anti-Communist blacklisting. An all-star cast, including Groucho Marx and Bob Hope, led a get-out-the-vote telethon in 1956.

Today, practically every star seems to be speaking out on one issue, or another and we have come to realize and accept that its one of the advantages of becoming a well known celebrity. In fact, one is desperately running for president and will stop at nothing to get on the ballot.

But in the digital age age of social media YouTube, podcasts and news and information Web sites like DOSE OF NEWS * serving political peccadillo, the American voter is able to tune in the messages they agree with and tune out the ones they don't. We've even seen a public advocate and a community organizer get elected as NYC Mayor and US President.

With multilingual channels dedicated to 24-hour news and information, along with hundreds of others providing content ranging from A to Z, the question is... Is anybody paying attention. Does anyone really care? We shall see as pundits share views with little real news, while the camp pain continues.

Barack Obama Singing Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars) via @YouTube