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Are dangerous lying media manipulators and the public is slowly realizing that Klein is only looking out for himself and trying to get as much publicity as he can.

Some politicians who do not like the press coverage they receive resort to publishing their own spin on their points of views, instead of news. Its called propaganda and they attempt to disguise it as news.

Taxpayer-funded news services intended to provide pr-written news stories for public consumption, as well as underhanded attempting to break news about various administration comings and goings are contrary to a free press.

Previously, Indiana Governor Mike Pence got smart and killed his plans to establish a state-run news outlet, amid an uproar that ridiculed him for a dumb idea across the entire political spectrum.

Governor: Indiana website not meant to be news source via @usatoday

However, New York State Senator Jeff (flip flop) Klein has apparently not gotten that message yet, or he is not as smart as dense Mr. Pence.

If Klein does not like what newspapers are writing about him, then perhaps he should clean up his act and become better acquainted with press freedom issues.

Gotham Gazette…