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A new multi-nation survey finds that confidence in Donald Trump's ability to manage foreign policy hits rock-bottom in a host of countries all over the world.

The nations surveyed were Canada, the U.S., Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, France, Britain, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Australia, Japan, China, and India. The margin of error varies among the countries but ranges between 3.2 and 4.7 percentage points

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The Donald is not leading in the polls. He continues tp sink lower every day and losing support with his own party. Our world is laughing at him and US.

Attacks, Divisions and Confusions appear to be the new ABC's of political con jobs. While the divided European Union prepares for a future without a not so United Kingdom, and maybe not so Great Britain, intelligent voters in US should think twice before supporting anyone, who has tried to divide The United State of America.

While angry EU leaders met in Brussels to tighten the screws and attempting to escort Britain's exit from Europe, Canada, Mexico and US are dealing with a rising tide of economic protectionism and blind nationalism, while their leaders huddle north of the border as "vile" and racist attacks increase following the recent vote in the UK.

This time, the whole world is watching and bracing to find what will happen next to an integrated North America for the security and prosperity of the entire continent?