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The Holy Father arrived in New York City and was immediately greeted by cheering fans and supporters at John F. Kennedy Airport as he began his historic, whirlwind tour through the United States. He is the first Hispanic Pope, as well as the first Jesuit to serve as Pontiff.

Pope Francis' historic 40-hour pilgrimage to the city that never sleeps started by taking a drive up Fifth Avenue all the way to St. Patrick Cathedral., where he held a prayer service for all devotees.

Pope Francis Arrives in New York After Touring Washington

Pope Francis arrives in NYC, visits St. Patrick's Cathedral

New York City welcomes Pope Francis

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The Pope's only full day in NYC is a busy one. Pope Francis will first meet with the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Then will attend a multi-religious ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and visit a school in East Harlem.

Later in the afternoon, he will lead a procession through Central Park, for which about 80,000 tickets were awarded by the city through a lottery pick.

His day will conclude with a mass held at Madison Square Garden, where The Pontiff will be sitting on a chair built by immigrant day laborers.