Positive Energy

Submitted by ub on Tue, 06/01/2021 - 09:22

The best way to practice serenity dealing with social anxiety is to adopt the 3 D of Optimism as a lifestyle and adapt to daily realities.

Understand that sooner or later everything ends. Our brain is programmed to see danger, and in a situation of global uncertainty, being optimistic is a matter of clinging to small habits that will help us improve our mood.

One of the tricks that I usually apply when I feel dull is to look for happy music, which makes me want to move out of my seat and forget about my problems for a few minutes a day. A dose of dance, of the music that provokes you, is equivalent to exercising since it makes your brain release dopamine. It is the wonderful thing about having our own indoor pharmacy.

Another way to improve our mood is by feeling useful with others. Donating money, objects in good condition that we no longer use, or doing social work in our communities fills us with gratitude for being able to help someone who truly needs it. In many cases, you will realize that you are in a more favorable situation than others when you do social support or service.

Breathing fresh air and spending those minutes alone, away from our workspace or home, can be a great incentive at times when sadness or anger invade us. Connect with nature and put our mind in total contemplation with what the greenery that surrounds us provides calm and helps us to think about things from a different perspective. Hold on to those little details that can make a big difference and help us improve our day. Sometimes a simple activity that we enjoy can help us see the glass as half full.