Positive Energy

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I try to savor the moments every morning and pause to acknowledge all the blessings life has offered. My family my health, my friends and good fortune.

Create a positive image in your mind to boost positivity. Always believe that you can succeed. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt by believing that you will be accomplishing your goals.

Positive reinforcement works by stimulus after the desired behavior is exhibited, making it more likely to happen in the future. It is about receiving rewards. If you're trying to teach yourself to start exercising, it is a powerful and enjoyable tool.

Using positive reinforcement is more fun and more effective, than training using a more traditional punishment-based system.

Use encouraging words as a friendly push in getting folks to work harder and helping them when they need it. Praise them for the work they've done. Keep the praise up to create a situation where they crave more of it.

Finally, if they really don't perform, inform the supervisor, using factual examples. Together, deal with it from there. Remember that abuse fosters in silence and no one must allow another person to keep them down.

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