POTUS Shutdown or Lockout?

Submitted by ub on Tue, 01/22/2019 - 10:21

#Russia, if you're listening, please instruct the 3 #Republican #Turncoats - #Donald #Mitch #Lindsey to immediately open the federal government. I think you will be rewarded mightily.

Who gets the credit after literally nothing was accomplished except that nearly one million Americans had to endure stress and hardship placed on them by a 72 year old toddler with a temper tantrum.

Trump alone is not the only culprit. Speaker Ryan refused to bring the Senate-passed action to the House floor in December, and the Learder McConnell and Senate Republicans enabled Trump for an entire month. The Republican Party will only be defeating Trump as part of a broader GOP rebirth, or else.

Then again, could it be that somebody knows secrets about #Donald #Mitch and #Lindsey and @GOP that is damaging?

Thanks to federal workers who lived 35 days without a paycheck. To ATC, TSA, FBI, Coast Guard, and all others who worked to keep #USA safe.

The longest government shutdown was ended follwowing an agreement by Congress to consider wasting billions on his stupid wall.

After a Republican proposal fails in the US Senate. #WhereIsMitch tells #POTUS that his GOP posse tried, but it is now a fine time to end the lying. The US Senate passes a temporary appropriations bills to open up the federal government The US House Speaker, who is a #Democrat declares a partial victory. #Trump decides to cave in like a spoiled brat.

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