POTUS Strikes Back

Submitted by ub on Thu, 09/09/2021 - 20:20

No more mister nice guy as Joe Biden decides to roll up his sleeves and take a tactical offensive posture from The White House.

Following his overwhelming success in the presidential elections when Joe Biden no only won the popular vote but was victorious in the #USA electoral college, POTUS appears to be taking his gloves off and showing adversaries who’s the boss.

President Joe Biden went on the offensive today concerning vaccine mandates, filing a lawsuit against the State of Texas, as well as other action exercising his Constitutional ability to set and control all national priorities, as is the sole power of his presidency. He also fired Conway, Spicer and other Trump appointees, saying that they supported or stood by silently while their former boss supported an insurrection.

Biden turned up the heat on his administration's #COVID vaccinations with two measures aimed at getting workers inoculated, part of a six-point plan to combat the pandemic. The president also signed an executive order requiring federal workers and contractors to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, a tightening of the previous policy calling for vaccinations but allowing other options.

Note to Democrats… It's a-okay to not try and be nice because they finish last. The phrase was used by Brooklyn Dodgers manager Leo Durocher to describe former New Orleans area baseball great Mel Ott and his Giants team when the Giants were mired in last place during the 1946 season. Since then, the saying has been commonly used in non-baseball situations as well.

The idea is that if you are nice to someone, compliment them, tell them how amazing you think they are each and every day, you will never get them to love you. Sadly, this is more than true in most cases.

When you’re always there for someone no matter what, and they are attracted by a jack-ass they and treat them like crap? Yea, that's because you're the nice guy. However, there is nothing wrong with you at all, and the truth is that it is their loss.

The last time #Democrats were in the White House they used if they go low, we go high. It is a fine time to fight them at their level. It's really okay to use their dirty low-life tactics.

The so-called leader of the @GOP and a #RINO #Republican has always spent his life as a liar and a loser until #Russia helped him cheat. However, he lost the 2020 election by an electoral vote count of 306 to 23, @POTUS @JoeBiden beat him in the popular vote count by over 7 million ballots. You'd think he is accustomed to losing by now.