PP Time?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 03/25/2019 - 10:29

NO, not that PP, focus and please get your mind off the infamous tape, for now, I am referring to #PentagonPapers #RTR #ReleaseTheReport.

There is no way the Barr read the Mueller report, analyzed it, and wrote his cliff notes summary in less than 48 hours. It does not matter that he had an army of FBI agents helping. Billy, you have lots of explaining to do!

A long time ago, after an injunction halted publication of The Pentagon Papers, @MikeGravel inserted the documents into the Congressional Record at the behest of @DanielEllsberg. Gravel's 2008 presidential campaign published film of this epochal event

Do these times call for patriots like #DanielEllsberg Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers? Senator #MikeGravel introduced it to Congress as a member while reading it, he officially entered it into the Congressional Record.

Congress voted unanimously to #RTR and #DOJ AG William Barr should now #ReleaseTheReport…

#GOP sees closure, The Democrats find an opening, in Barr’s summary…

Barr’s summary appears to raise more questions than it answers…

It's time for another brave elected member of Congress to become a real patriot and release the report #RTR.

Who will be the one to #RTR #ReleaseTheReport #NancyPelosi #MaxineWaters #Chuck Schumer #JerroldNadler #AdamSchiff???