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We do not know if Michael Phelps is a Republican or a Democrat, but it is the opinion of CITY IMAGES that he should test our troubled waters and jump into the political pool.

Phelps represents the USA better that any candidate who is running from truth and justice in the American way. Mr. Phelps is not only the man of steel, who can steal this chaotic election, but he has proved over and beyond the shadow of a fact that he is the man of gold.

Phelps first and foremost a fine representation and an indication of the best in AMERICA.

After becoming the greatest Olympian in history, what can Michael Phelps do next? The answer is obvious. Anything he wants to do. But his nation needs him now more than ever.

Phelps is a representative of our entire nation. He has shown this divided America is greater than ever and will continue to soar as the best democracy on earth.

Michael Phelps was born and raised in Towson, Maryland as an outstanding Christian man. Although his Facebook page lists “No Answer” under religion. He has been reportedly quoted as saying "I guess I was made this way for some reason, and I’ve been able to find the talent I have, and I’ve been able to use it, so I’m grateful for that. I believe in God; I’m not saying I’m highly religious. I used to always go to church on holidays, but I don’t go much."

I think to be–for me to be an American is… it’s one of the greatest things in the world… for me just because I’ve been able to grow up with everything. The freedom. You know, in my eyes this is the greatest country in the world.

Obama tweeted Phelps: Congrats to Michael Phelps for breaking the all-time Olympic medal record. You’ve made your country proud. Phelps response Thank you, Mr. President!! It’s an honor representing the USA!! The best country in the world!!

If he believes in a strong central government, then perhaps Phelps should revive the Federalist Party. This American political party existed from the early 1790s until 1816. WoW... USA, USA, USA.

No man alone represents an entire country, but Mr. Phelps appears to come pretty close for this political mission impossible.

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Phelps leaves Olympic pool but not the sports via @Reuters

The political pool is ready, Mr. Phelps.

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