Pretty People Do Better in Job Market

Submitted by ub on Sat, 06/08/2013 - 12:10

We've all participated in embarrassing and humbling actions to land that next position. Website: is for gorgeous people only!

It has launched an additional service for employers looking to hire an extremely attractive someone with all the right assets.

Some folk say it's a brutally honest approach to finding stunning employees, but there has to be more to job hunting than just good looks?

Maybe one day we human beings on this planet will evolve as a race of ostentatious beauty freaks, or perhaps we will all be genetically modified to look simply gorgeous.

However, I would like to believe we can celebrate our differences and accept ourselves for who we are. Unless, of course, someone wants to pay for a complete makeover.

Once you apply to BeautifulPeople, as an applicant who has no rights, you are then checked out, looked over and eventually graded as a potential member for the next 48 hours. During that period, existing members of the opposite sex will be voting on your profile. If you dare to apply, I just hope and pray that you have thick skin!

During my first hour and although there is no access for applicants, I managed to learn that a 32 year old female member named Moko, from Tokyo, Japan was checking me out. However, I could not tell which way she voted. Interesting that in Spanish, the work Moko means booger, but this gal was no unappealing snot.