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Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans from the devastated island are beginning to arrive in hubs like NY and Florida as their friends, family members and community activists are preparing to do whatever they can to help these American citizens.

They are all US citizens who once lived in Puerto Rico but have now opted for a necessary exodus to the US mainland, searching for safety and security following the human disaster caused by hurricane Maria.

American citizens in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are facing a clear and present danger, so our brothers and sisters desperately need our help now.

Officials in The Bronx and Orlando will soon be hard pressed for increased services. Only time will tell until we see if they can deliver these goods? We wonder if Trump will open the doors of his properties in New York and Florida to these climate refugees?

Puerto Rico’s exodus begins with a trickle into Orlando

San Juan mayor calls hurricane disaster 'a people-are-dying' story

Top Oversight Dem calls for emergency hearing on Trump's Puerto Rico response

Trump slams Puerto Rico mayor for 'poor leadership', says island residents want everything 'done for them' - ABC News -

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Why has the US invaded other nations faster than it has taken to help US citizens?