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A number of states are holding primaries for local government elections today.

Registered voters in several states are casting their ballots to determine which government candidates will compete in the general election, mostly for local and state office holders.

NY Assemblyman Bill Nojay was up for re-election but we learned that he fatally shot himself over the weekend. If he wins this election, party leaders in the three-county district will be required to nominate another candidate within 10 days.

In the state of Delaware, key races include a seat in Congress, mayor of Wilmington and lieutenant governor. In New Hampshire, candidates for governor and Congress are facing off. In Rhode Island, primary candidates are vying for a shot at Congress, General Assembly and mayors of North Providence and Woonsocket.

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N.H. Voters Will Choose Candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate in Today's Primary

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The Republican legislator who committed suicide was hiding something serious. Is it #TRUMPTAXES?