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Submitted by ub on Tue, 07/24/2018 - 12:16

NO Not BS, but PS as in Public Service. There are activists and organizers who have been extremely effective. One individual comes to mind, but there are others and many more are urgently needed.

Some public servants perfected the craft on the streets, responding to injustices by helping people to reach their goals.
Let's create an opportunity with an eye toward training folks to solve real-world problems in hopes to spread these ideas.

There is a dysfunctional separation between activists and academics. The work can be grounded in reality in a type of a School of Hard Not, where one may hear why not but respond by bringing nuts and bolts solutions to the table.

The broad implications are that there should be a space for activists and practitioners in the same way that there are political scientists and writers. Is it society’s role to support activists.

It’s a knowledge-based partnership where participants learn about improving the world for the people who are living in it. Activists and community organizers improve this equation.

The orientation to activism makes it attractive to students who care about helping society. We develop knowledge about the world, then community organizers work towards improving the quality of life be through activism.

What does it mean to be an activist educator? It’s about having meaningful conversations with people who want to share and perfect their ideas. Also, it’s about introducing a better world, a different way of thinking and perspective to receptive people.

It should spread globally not only because it makes sense, but also because it underscores knowledge and wisdom. This is to be co-constituted by people from all walks of life who have all kinds of expertise. This is essential to integrate people who are dealing with the most pressing, fundamental problems society faces today.

If we're going to take time to think about how to work smarter, we need to move forward to doing just that. This opportunity may never come this way again. It's essential to integrate all people who are dealing with the most pressing global issues.

The purpose is not just to have space and time to reflect, but also to challenge the community in a different way. Somebody with a sense of the outside world needs to ask many questions and demand more than one answer.

One of the variables is power dynamics, that is to seek a balance by neither belonging to the student community or the academic community. The idea is to be in the fast lane and share, but not to oversell as an expert in the activism field.

How do we make this permanent? Based on the fundamental acts of being a knowledge producer, this is a deep ask. It is a deficit that we have institutionally where we can correct, not something we need at this moment, but also for future generations.

There should be an institutional link between practitioners for social change and people producing knowledge about the world. We want to create these opportunities because they’re good for all the people and it is good for public knowledge. Let's be the place where to go and solve problems and introduce solutions.

Thanks for reading... Ideas are appreciated and always welcome.

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