Submitted by ub on Wed, 05/07/2014 - 10:33

This 2014 QPHS Class Reunion promises be a fabulous event. Participants will reconnect and be able to remember the "good old times" as well as enjoy our shared high school experience.

Below is the list of folks who've made reservations for 6/7 @8P Lassoni Restaurant, NA, NJ
All attendees are asked to carefully review their Party Menu and keep in mind that
everyone is individually responsible to pay for their food, drinks, tax and gratuity that evening.

I'm also sharing with Lassoni Restaurant management the final headcount, and discussing Drinks/Meals. Please review your Party Menu and decide which plan you prefer. The one with the most support will then be adopted.

Please send all comments, along with any and all your questions to:

The RSVP guest list below has names that are not listed in alphabetical order.

Please send all corrections and identify your guests by e-mailing me your information ASAP:

Sharon Orr

Kathy/Rich DeCecco

Louise DeMaio

Terri DeFelice

Maureen Clancy Solero

Steven /Judith San Filippo

Louis /Geralding Addeo

Eileen / John Scott

Gail M Sciacchetano

Lilian / Michael Walsh

Kathie DeLucca

Linda Graham

Elaine Miller

Lorraine Rowe

Tom/Barbara Noone

Nancy Masterson

Anne Somma

Mary Schibell

Joanne Dagato

Pat Anderson

John Quigley/Cathy Kaiser Quigley

Grace Stanton

Mary Scerbo

Johan/Trudy Pietrucha

Marco Merendo

Rosalie Fiore

Stella Ruane

Michael Miller

Paul/Ann McAndrew

Michele Brooks/ Joanne Paternoster

Patricia Wynne

Russti Carlson/ Theresa Smith

Eileen Robinson

Kathryn Pandolpho

Rosanna Aragona

Elizabeth Shaffery/Larry McAndrew +3

Dennis Sluka

Joe Adams

Bill Hadden

Basil Pavlosky

Don Pogoda

Hank Nichols

Valerie Vendola Nichols

Dennis/Debbie Thomson

Jack/Sarah Hopkins

Roberto/Yirong Soto

Joanne V Rhodes

Brian B Barrett

Joseph/ Ruthanna Shepherd

Carmela Giordano

Joe McBride

Jay/Maureen Coltre

Bernadette Catanese

Rick Salmon+1Guest

Pete Striano/Guest

Jackie Vreeland

Berta Petrillo

Melanie Scarpa