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Does everyone know that NYC has a Rat Island? It is near City Island, but not home to a huge colony of super-rodents.

It was purchased from Native Americans in 1654 by the Pell family, the island’s name may have come from the inmates who were then jailed on nearby Hart Island. Back then, inmates were nicknamed rats. If they were lucky enough to escape, they swam to Rat Island first before making a go at nearby City Island.

In the 1800s, it was the location of the Pelham Pesthouse, a yellow fever hospital that quarantined 40 people.

Not long ago, this 2.5 acre island was supposedly up for sale, for approximately $300,000. Although we are
not sure what became of that, we hope that a rodent colony and amusement park is not in the works.

Perhaps Boca Raton Florida may be more appropriate. I am sure that everyone knows about that famous super- rodent, who built Orlando, Florida into a massive international amusement park.