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DIY projects can be a double-edged sword. While they can save money and potentially increase a home's value when done well, there are significant risks involved if the workmanship is subpar. Sabrina Soto might make it look effortless on TV, but in reality, it takes skill and expertise to execute renovations effectively.

One critical aspect often overlooked is the importance of energy-efficient upgrades. In today's market, buyers prioritize features that reduce utility bills and promote sustainability. Neglecting to make these improvements can indeed decrease a home's attractiveness to potential buyers and ultimately lower its value.

Furthermore, adding unpermitted structures is a serious issue that can have legal and financial ramifications. Even if the addition seems innocuous, such as a small shed or room expansion, it's essential to adhere to building codes and obtain the necessary permits. Otherwise, it can result in significant problems down the line, including fines, legal disputes, and safety hazards.

In essence, while DIY projects can be rewarding, it's crucial to approach them with caution and ensure that they're done to a high standard. Cutting corners or neglecting important considerations like energy efficiency and permits can have long-term consequences for a homeowner's investment.

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