The Real Deal

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A few months ago, you shared a link to a PBS documentary on George Wallace. I love it! He certainly was an interesting figure and very reminiscent of today's politicians. He almost seems like a mix between Donald and Hillary. His speeches and messages and overall personality is similar to Donald. But like Hillary, he said what it took to get elected. Initially he was a moderate who was endorsed by the NAACP, but when when he lost he turn segregationist. Then later he made amends for it. Hillary seems like a populist the way she changes with the broad public opinion, you can see that with her stance on gay marriage. It seems like everything in this election is something George Wallace did.

This is not reality TV, nor the art of any money making deal. It's real serious and our nation depends on it.

How can we the people of The United States of America allow members from the lunatic fringe to ruin our future?

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