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For all of humanity and especially Americans, September 11th was a day of somber reflection. We recalled with sorrow the thousands of lives that were needlessly taken by an act of unnecessary evil.

City Island Images recommits to donating to the 911 Memorial, as well as in supporting the families who carry the heaviest burden of grief. We also reaffirm our gratitude for all those brave First Responders, as well as US Armed Forces, who risk their own safety through service to others.

A dozen years later, our world still faces great challenges, yet it must be our duty to uphold our purpose with courage and confidence.

This country's liberties, our belief in the equality of humankind, and America's faith in the possibility of peace among peoples are aspirations we can share with all humans.

These values rise and fall on the strength of our own convictions. May we uphold in our own communities the virtues that define The United States of America and that remain an inspiration to the entire world.

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