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As Trump tries to pull the wool over America's eyes, he's not making anything great, but promoting hate.

Trump has said hateful things about women, African Americans, immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, refugees, Jews, the disabled, Native Americans, veterans, the LGBTQ community... etc.

GOP mutiny continues as dozens of Republican members of Congress and governors withdraw their endorsement of Trump toxicity, he has become a serious threat to The Grand Old Party. How can the party of Lincoln allow its candidate to reach such new lows in a political lifetime?

During the second presidential debate in St. Louis, Donald Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton calling some of his supporters deplorable is an example of how she will divide the country. Trump: Clinton has tremendous hate in her heart @CNNPolitics

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton has 'Tremendous hate in her heart' via @FortuneMagazine

Trump on Clinton: 'She has tremendous hate in her heart' via @usatoday

The USA needs a clean sweep today.

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Trump acted like a wounded animal pacing the cage, lashing out in anger and spewing hate.