Rejection Day

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I believe we will see record voter turnout. The lines at the polling stations will almost be as long as Howard Stern's cock. Bababooey!

With E-Day less than 24 hours away, Hillary and The Donald are still stomping across the nation trying to make their case to registered voters.

Hillary's message is about healing and will be spreading it in North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. President Obama, first lady Michelle, President Bill Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea Clinton will all be attending a final Monday event, in Philadelphia.

Mike and Don will be finger pointing while sprinting in places like Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan.

In her closing arguments this weekend, Clinton asked Americans to truly imagine what a Trump presidency would do to this great nation. Meanwhile, Trump continued his message of selling himself to an already great America.

Could this finally be the end of a nightmare or a rerun of the The Walking Dead final episode?