Remember The Alamo?

Submitted by ub on Tue, 01/12/2021 - 08:36

As a journalist familiar with this region, I should point out that this is not the same place. it is like the time the four seasons landscaping was confused with a hotel with a different reputation. This is day 1454 of non-stop lying, with 8 days and could be one of the reasons why the majority of Americans feel intense dislike or disgust for Trump and want him out of The White House. He incited the violent mob attack on the Capitol that was part of an assault on our Democracy. 

What’s going on here? Does he think speaking in Alamo, Texas, brings to mind a piece of history that is fraught with racist myths? 

Trump takes no responsibility for violent insurrection at U.S Capitol, says remarks to supporters were "totally appropriate." Trump, who faces an "incitement of insurrection" charge, said he wants "no violence." (See below)

This is why journalism is referred to as the first draft of history.

The city of Alamo located in the Rio Grande Valley in what is nicknamed the "Land of Two Summers". It is a city in the irrigated area of southern Hidalgo CountyTexas, aka "Refuge to the Valley".

Alamo is a small border city located in an area of abundant vegetable farming and citrus groves and is a noted winter resort/retirement town near the Mexico–U.S. border. Alamo is one of the Rio Grande Valley's gateways to Mexico, via U.S. Route 281 and Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, as well as a gateway to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Alamo's population was 18,353 at the 2010 census and an estimated 19,910 in 2019.

The Alamo Mission or Misión del Álamo commonly called the Alamo and originally known as the Misión San Antonio de Valero, is a historic Spanish mission and fortress compound founded in the 18th century by Roman Catholic missionaries in what is now San Antonio, TexasUnited States. It was the site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Today it is a museum in the Alamo Plaza Historic District and a part of the San Antonio Missions World Heritage Site.

This Alamo where #LameDuckDonald is waddling towards is a small town on the Texas-Mexico border where he plans to promote his immigration policy and defend his presidential legacy perhaps thinking good Folks in America would wrongfully make the connection when he urged a Capitol invasion force "fight like hell" and he would be with them when he was not.

The White House also wants it to be when he will "mark the completion of more than 400 miles of a border wall – a promise made, promise kept –  and his Administration’s efforts to reform our broken immigration system." Mexico never paid a penny and the so-called impenetrable wall was never completed.