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If you're one of the two million New Yorkers who lives in rent-regulated housing, here's what you need to know:

Your lease is still in effect and remains in effect through the term of the lease.

There are still laws on the books protecting you from harassment, and the City is enforcing those laws.

We have put together an emergency hotline: Call 311 if you have any concerns or questions about your apartment.

If your landlord is harassing you, withholding services, or trying to exploit any lapse in the rent regulation laws to get you to leave your apartment, you should call 311 immediately.

If you are a landlord:

Please know that the City is committed to protecting New Yorkers who live in rent-regulated units.

If you have any questions about what information you should be sharing with your tenants, please call 311.

Tenant harassment laws are still in effect. Any lapse in the rent regulation laws is not an excuse to withhold heat, hot water, or other services -- the City will enforce the housing code.

We hope that action will be taken in Albany to renew and strengthen rent regulation laws before midnight tonight. No matter what happens tonight, though, the City will do everything it can to protect tenants.

For information on tenants' rights: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Haitian Creole, Arabic: