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If you see something suspicious, make sure you speak up and report it. The recent case in Cleveland reminds us that police officials work for us and it is their job to follow each and every lead the public generates.

If you've seen any crime committed, you should report all crimes so that the public safety officials can investigate. Reporting crime must always be done, no matter how small or insignificant the crime.

Persons committing the crimes can continue if you do not report what you have seen or experienced. You should never be afraid to report any crime that you see or know about.

If you see someone breaking the law, write down their license plate and a brief description and make sure you not only report it, but document that report with the officer's name and badge number.

Violent crime

Submit an FBI Tip online or call your local FBI field office
National hotline numbers, Office on Violence Against Women

Child pornography and/or sexual exploitation of children

Call your local FBI field office
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
800-THE-LOST (800-843-5678)
For more information see the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section

Trafficking in persons

Report trafficking crimes or get help
888-428-7581 (voice and TTY)
Para registrar su queja o obtener ayuda, llame gratis a
888-428-7581 (linea directa y de TTY para personas con incapacidad auditiva)
Submit an FBI Tip online or call your local FBI field office
For more information, see Trafficking and Sex Tourism FAQs


Submit an FBI Tip online or call your local FBI field office
FBI Seeking Information: Terrorism
FBI Most Wanted terrorists
Wanted by the FBI Domestic Terrorism


Illegal drug trafficking: submit a DEA Tip online or call your local DEA office
Illegal prescription drug sales or suspicious pharmacies on the Internet
877-RxAbuse (877-792-2873)
Illegal Internet drug sales online reporting form

Crimes involving alcohol, tobacco, firearms or explosives

Arson hotline
888-ATF-FIRE (888-283-3473)
Bomb hotline
888-ATF-BOMB (888-283-2662)
Illegal firearms activity
800-ATF-GUNS (800-283-4867)
Firearms theft hotline
Explosives theft or loss
Other crimes involving alcohol, tobacco, firearms or explosives


Report Financial Fraud at
FBI Corporate Fraud Hotline
Report bankruptcy fraud
Report mortgage foreclosure scams
Report Disaster-Related Fraud
Disaster Fraud Hotline: 866-720-5721
Fax: 225-334-4707
Write: National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF)
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4909
Report a Complaint about Waste, Fraud, Abuse, or Misconduct in the Department of Justice
Report Other Fraud or Public Corruption
Call FBI Hotline 800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324)

Computer and Internet crime

Internet Crime Complaint Center
Reporting Computer Hacking, Fraud and Other Internet-Related Crime
Reporting Intellectual Property Crime
Spam or fraud e-mails
Identity theft and fraud
Mass-marketing fraud

White collar crime

Report Antitrust concerns
888-647-3258 or 202-307-2040
Report Antitrust violations associated with Recovery Act funding
FBI Corporate fraud hotline
Reporting Intellectual property crime
Public corruption: submit an FBI Tip online or call the FBI Local Corruption Hotline